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Derby City Eye Care COVID-19 Updated Policies and Procedures

Our primary goal at Derby City Eye Care has always been to ensure that we are providing the highest standard of care to our patients.  In light of the current pandemic, and in compliance with the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, Kentucky Department of Health, Kentucky Optometric Association, and our local government officials, we are now taking extra precautions to do this as safely and efficiently as possible.  To this end, we have updated our office policies and procedures as follows:


  • External office doors will be locked


    • To limit the number of individuals and visitors coming in and out of the office, all external doors will be locked at all times except to allow the entering/exiting of doctors, staff, and patients
    • Only those patients with pre-scheduled appointments will be allowed to enter the office
    • Patients under 18 years old, and patients with disabilities, may have 1 guardian/caregiver accompany them into the office and testing rooms, if necessary


  • Coronavirus screenings before entry


    • All doctors, staff, patients, and guardians will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and elevated temperature before entering the office
    • If anyone has been sick with a fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath, or if they have come in contact with anyone they suspect or know to be sick, within the past two weeks, they will not be allowed into the office and will be rescheduled
    • If anyone has a temperature above 99.9 degrees (Fahrenheit), they will not be allowed into the office and will be rescheduled


  • Masks and face coverings


    • All doctors and staff are required to wear masks while they are in the office – especially since we work with a vulnerable patient population
    • Patients and guardians are highly encouraged to wear a mask or cloth face covering for the same reason


  • Modified waiting area for social distancing


    • All but two chairs have been removed from the waiting room (and are spaced more than 6 feet apart) – magazines and advertising materials have also been removed


  • Enhanced hygiene compliance


    • Every patient and guardian must wash their hands upon entering the office
    • All doctors and staff will wash their hands as much as possible including (but not limited to): upon entering the office, before touching patients, after contact with patients, in between patients, and before exiting the office


  • Enhanced sanitizing compliance


    • All surfaces that have come in contact with a patient or guardian during their visit must be sanitized before another patient can enter the office, including (but not limited to): door handles, chairs, clipboards, writing utensils, counter tops, sink handles, and equipment – this will be done using soap and water, alcohol pads, disinfecting wipes, and/or disinfecting sprays


  • Prioritizing patient populations/services


    • To ensure that Derby City Eye Care is alleviating eyecare demands placed on other healthcare providers and facilities during this crisis and taking care of the essential eye care needs of our patients in an organized manner, we are currently prioritizing the following groups when scheduling appointments:

1) New and existing patients with eye emergencies (sudden vision loss,  flashes and floaters, red eyes, etc.)

2) Existing patients with systemic and eye health conditions (diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.) who have had a recent change in vision

3) Existing contact lens patients whose prescription is expired or who have had a recent change in vision

4) Existing patients who have recently broken their glasses or who have had a recent change in vision

If you have not had a change in vision within the last month or two, we ask that you please delay your visit to our office for at least 3-4 weeks

Even though things will look and feel a little different the next time you visit our office, please know that we are happy to be caring for you again, and we genuinely appreciate all your patience and support during this challenging time.

Dr. Fowler