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Myopia Management Q&A

Thumbnail KidsWe have recently had several questions about the myopia management program that we offer for patients at Derby City Eye Care. The following are some common questions (and answers) that may be useful before your next visit to our practice.

Q: What is myopia?

A: Myopia is an eye disorder that causes light to focus in front of the retina. This condition, also known as nearsightedness, makes it easy to see objects that are close to you, but objects farther away will be blurry.

Q: What are the risk factors for myopia?

A: Genetics (myopic parents), ethnicity (Asian and Indian), not enough time outdoors (in sunlight), prolonged use of electronic devices (including phones, tablets, computers, and video games), extensive reading (especially in poor lighting), and more.

Q: What are the symptoms of myopia?

A: There are several common symptoms of myopia, including:

  • Squinting to see things far away
  • Difficulty driving – especially at night
  • Eye strain or fatigue when watching TV or seeing the board at school
  • Headaches

Q: How is myopia corrected?

A: Myopia is easily corrected with eyeglasses, contacts, laser eye surgery, and sometimes vision therapy.

Q: What is myopia management?

A: Myopia management is a treatment program prescribed by your eye doctor that corrects myopia in a specific way to try to prevent it from getting worse over time.

Q: Why is myopia management important?

A: As myopia worsens over time, it can affect more than just sight. It hinders learning in school, participation in sports, driving, and many other activities. It also increases the likelihood of developing serious eye health problems like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachments, and maculopathy.

Q: When is myopia management recommended?

A: For optimal results, myopia management is recommended as soon as your eye doctor determines your myopia is continuing to get worse over time. This is especially important in children, since their eyes grow more quickly than adults.

Q: What is involved in myopia management?

A: There are several different myopia management options today. These include specialty glasses (bifocals or multifocals), eye drops (Atropine), gas permeable hard contact lenses (orthokeratology), and soft multifocal contact lenses (MiSight).

Q: How effective is myopia management?

A: Myopia management has been shown to reduce myopia progression by more than 50%.

Q: How do I know if myopia management is right for me or my child?

A: If you or child has been diagnosed with myopia, and it seems to be getting worse every year, please call us at 502-996-7450 to schedule an appointment with our myopia management specialists.

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